Passive income without needing prior know-how or experience

About us

RPGECAP is an ecommerce startup backed by leaders of the ecommerce industry on Amazon and the owners of the RPG Group, which holds RPGECOM, Amazon’s largest and leading agency in Israel for the provision of professional advisory and management services to vendors, brands, and leading companies on Amazon. The RPG Group has several startups, technological developments, and innovative services in the online, Amazon commerce, and digital venture arenas. RPGECAP engages in active commerce on Amazon with private label brands based on the FBA model (Fulfillment By Amazon). The company develops and launches brands under several Amazon companies and stores and operates as the owners and primary management company for them. Within this framework RPGECAP developed a unique business model for investors interested in taking part in the commercial activities on Amazon and becoming owners of digital assets.
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What we do

Professional FBA-based ecommerce

RPGECAP engages primarily in professional commerce on Amazon. This commerce is conducted using the private label method based on Amazon’s FBA model (Fulfillment By Amazon). Doing business on Amazon today requires profound knowledge, experience, and uncompromising professionalism at all stages of brand activity, and this is precisely what RPGECAP brings to the table in a unique combination of high-caliber human capital, advanced developments, considerable success-based experience, and a winning business plan and strategy!

Development and use of Big Data and algorithms for smart ecommerce on Amazon

The ecommerce industry is galloping ahead and the various related technologies are evolving and expanding daily. Big data, business, and artificial intelligence are currently the dominant advanced technologies in ecommerce and we at RPGECAP use them daily. Our expertise in the use of these capabilities provides an unprecedented advantage in ecommerce and enables better and faster performance and higher achievements.

Building global brands

RPGECAP’s business model focuses on the building, acquisition, and enhancement of ecommerce brands on Amazon. In 2020, Amazon obtained a clearer view than ever before about the direction it wants to take – brands. We specialize in building successful private label brands with a winning brand strategy for each product or line. Our creative, advertising, and sales promotion departments produce superior-quality Amazon brands.

Exit-minded brand enhancement

Like any asset, Amazon brand digital assets have value and a market. A vigorous market of acquisitions and sales of Amazon brands has emerged in recent years. Brand owners have executed and execute exits every day. We also intend to apply a similar model. Every asset we manage will be offered for sale after an enhancement period and the profits from the exit will be divided among the asset owners – you! We are experts in performing all processes necessary when enhancing assets on Amazon to optimally prepare them for an exit.

An international network of connections and strategic collaborations

After years of working in Amazon’s ecommerce industry, we developed a network of connections, business relations, and collaborations throughout the world with a wide variety of service providers, businesspeople, company owners, and key players in our success. This strategic network enables us to perform our work with optimal professionalism and you, as our partners, will benefit from these connections. The company’s owners are world-renowned in Amazon’s ecommerce industry and regularly participate in and lecture at international conferences and events.

Development and launching of unique products

We will regularly launch unique products through our network and collaborations. We work with startups, patents, manufacturers, product designers, crowdfunding platforms, etc., to find the next star product on Amazon and sell it as exclusive marketers. We are proud of our product research and marketing systems and processes, among the most sophisticated in the market today. Our filtering and control mechanisms enable us to launch only potentially profitable products for us and our partners.
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