About us

RPGECAP is an ecommerce startup backed by leaders of the ecommerce industry on Amazon and the owners of the RPG Group, which holds RPGECOM, Amazon’s largest and leading agency in Israel for the provision of professional advisory and management services to vendors, brands, and leading companies on Amazon. The RPG Group has several startups, technological developments, and innovative services in the online, Amazon commerce, and digital venture arenas. RPGECAP engages in active commerce on Amazon with private label brands based on the FBA model (Fulfillment By Amazon). The company develops and launches brands under several Amazon companies and stores and operates as the owners and primary management company for them. Within this framework RPGECAP developed a unique business model for investors interested in taking part in the commercial activities on Amazon and becoming owners of digital assets.

Pavel Biryukov


Software engineer and ecommerce entrepreneur. Experienced Amazon seller specializing in technical operations on Amazon accounts and in IT systems and technologies on Amazon.

Guy Heretz


Ecommerce entrepreneur with a degree in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy. Experienced Amazon seller specializing in branding, marketing, and business development on Amazon.

Pavel Khazanov


Ecommerce entrepreneur with a master’s degree in Biology. Experienced Amazon seller specializing in managing sponsored advertising on Amazon, buliding teams and investments in Amazon brands.

RPG Group

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